Cellphone Radiation

Cellhphone Radiation

Cell phone radiation, a hoax or a fact. Many debate the proposal that cell phones emit radiation causing harm to humans. It is a fact though that cellphones do emit radiation which is caused by the type of energy used to broadcast its signal. This energy is called RF energy or radio frequency energy. To further delve into the effect of cell phone usage, one must first understand how cellphones operate. A cellphone in essence is a higher form of a radio which can also be compared to a walkie talkie. Unlike walkie talkies cellphones contain thousands of channels which allow for its vast range and efficiency. We are able to talk and communicate through cellphones by means of sine waves which are waves that radiate from the antenna of the phone sent out to a cellphone tower or receiver. Studies have been done around the world to determine whether or not these waves and radiation have a negative effect on human health. As years go by, the number of cellphone usage has risen to staggering numbers. With such demand and usage of cellphones it is only right for people to be concerned, after all any form of radiation directed towards the brain sounds like a threat. As of late, no concrete evidence has been found to disrupt the theory that cellphone radiation is or is not harmful. Radiation in itself is simply subatomic particles that form energy. These particles cannot be seen and can pass through human flesh and enter cells. It's obvious that any disturbance of homeostasis can lead to human malfunctions and in some cases extremely harmful conditions. When radiation is used on humans studies have been made that found alterations in the physical makeup f cells within a human. In regards to the human body, radiation in small doses wont leave a trail of destruction but what about high doses? If you think for a minute how society has changed over the past decade and how dependent people are on cellphones one can see that cellphone usage is astounding. From 1985 to 2001 alone cellphone owners have grown to an estimated 120 million. As far as the FDA is concerned there are no definite ties in correlation to cellphone radiation and human health problems. As types of effects go the main concern is cancer. Humans are not supreme beings and do have faults and acquire cancer from varies things but as a whole there is no determining factor to state that cellphone users have a larger opening for cancer than the general population. It is found that

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